1. Sold 3 million trays in the last years
  2. 300+ happy customers worldwide
  3. Shipped to over 15 countries
  4. You will improve your repurchase rate
  5. We are the leading manufacturer in the eyelash extension manufacturer industry
  6. Made with TOP quality raw material
  7. Our product is much easier to make fan and stable curl than others

The lashes to make fan

This is  one of our junior business people who is able to use eyelashes for making fan after a brief training.

It can save you much time .

The service we supply

At Farlaimoni, we offer custom design services for OEM orders and brand owners. 

Private Logo

Our in-house packaging factory can produce samples based on your specific requirements, including changes to color and a variety of printing techniques. 

foil silver background

All of the backing cards are made with top quality silver material. Easy to pick up . Easy to remove .

More Choice For PAC

Offer a range of packaging options, including plastic boxes and magnet boxes.Plastic boxes can even be 3D printed on the outside, and our magnetic boxes support 100% customization.

Fast Produce

100+ Experienced workers with a capacity of 300k boxes a month.


Lashes Size

  • For volume lashes, we can produce 7-25mm
  • For easy fan lashes, we supply 7-20mm
  • Flat lashes 8-18mm
  • Thick : 0.03 0.04 0.05 0.07 0.10 0.12 0.15 0.18 0.20
  • Lashes sizes 12 14 16 18 20 lines are all available.
  • Curl: J B C CC D DD L LC LD all available.


Loved your professional attitude very satisfied with the product, I think you have got a long term partner
Tony Hawk
Sugar lash Pro
Most of the eyelash products used in my chain are from Alice eyelash.
Julia Miles
Chain store owner
Alice eyelash's premade fan is the one I am most satisfied with. My customers love my products!
John Goodman
Adelaide lash supply
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